Who Should Attend

Leadership is not a position or a title. It is a choice that is available to everyone. When embraced, it has the potential to transform lives, organizations and communities.

Leadership development is a journey. Let’s embrace every step.

The Authentic Leadership Masterclass is designed for anyone who is committed to taking their leadership ability to a new level of excellence. Regardless of your title, if you are committed to amplifying your ability to influence others, enhance your leadership ability and are committed to take on greater leadership responsibilities within your organization, you will find value from this experience.

Whether you are a CEO entrusted with an entire company, a supervisor committed to building a great team, a middle manager who oversees a division, a front-line healthcare professional, an entrepreneur, a parent, a coach, a teacher, a community volunteer, or a citizen dedicated to making a difference, we all have the potential to lead, to influence, to impact, to improve the world around us.

The program welcomes individuals or teams. Attendance by multiple company representatives will foster teamwork, amplify the program’s impact, and enable participants to continue supporting one another’s leadership development after the program ends. In order to realize maximum benefit from the Masterclass, organizations should consider sending at least two participants who can support each other and be an effective force for change.

The journey toward authentic leadership requires discovering your personal aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses—including aspects of your life history, identity, or current leadership style that may be helping you or holding you back. During the program, you must be ready to share with your peers in a deeply personal way—be willing to trust, expose your fears, offer feedback, and accept others’ input with an open mind. All information you share will remain strictly confidential.

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