The Possibilities of Change™️

Building resilience, capacity, and accountability amid constant change – while keeping people engaged – is now a fundamental requirement for leadership. But where’s your road map? What are your strategies? Where are your tools?

To thrive, you must use change productively. I’ll leave you with practical insights, renewed clarity, and the confidence to lead yourself and others through managing change. This session, based on my most recent book, The Other Everest: Navigating the Pathway to Authentic Leadership , will help you:

  • Learn to embrace and lead change with greater clarity and resilience.
  • Develop the necessary self-awareness to use change productively.
  • Create a roadmap for change that builds clarity, confidence, and compassion, enabling you to lead those you serve through the stages of change.
  • Understand how to make change inspiring, productive, and creative.

This session is also available as a virtual presentation.


“David Irvine is an inspiring teacher and dynamic speaker, one of very few who connect emotionally with their audiences. His stories are real and leave a lasting impression. In today’s world, where change is the norm and leaders are needed at every level of organizations, David’s messages are powerful.” – Greg Stewart, Board of Directors of the Bank of Canada

“David’s presentation challenged everyone to look at things differently and focus on our values. His presentation stimulated a lot of thinking among our staff of how we can do things differently to achieve a better balance.” – Peter Kruselnicki, Former Deputy Provincial Treasurer, Province of Alberta

“I hired David to inspire and to motivate. Based on the post-presentation comments received from my staff, he not only met but exceeded my expectations.” – J. Larry Wilson, Regional Director, Canadian Coast Guard, Maritimes Region