The Other Everest Leadership Development Program

Due to COVID-19 the residential offering of The Other Everest Retreat is not available for 2020. In its place we are excited to offer the online version of the program.

The retreat offers a life-enriching opportunity to find your voice and strengthen your impact and influence in your community, work, and personal life.

After all, in an age of fast consumption, we have to be careful that leadership development doesn’t get diminished to three-minute inspirational vignettes. This program isn’t about merely offering leadership tools. My retreat focuses on sustaining your growth as a leader. Through thoughtful personal explorations, you’ll get to your inner compass, which will help you get rid of the distractions and noise that can take you off course. You’ll gain the insight, confidence, and clarity to know which tools to use no matter what the situation.

You’ll connect with your true vision, purpose, and deepest core values to unlock your leadership potential in all areas of your life. This will be the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-discovery and inner exploration.

What is the Other Everest?

Today’s best leaders are authentic leaders. People whose inner compass guides their daily actions and who inspire trust by being honest and real. People who are committed to substance over the superficial, character over charisma, and service over self-interest. To have meaningful influence in today’s world – and the depth to lead with a strong, authentic presence – requires an inner journey. It’s a journey to your heart, over the highest peak. A journey to what I call the “Other Everest.”

Is this right for you?

The Other Everest is a public retreat for leaders at all levels of organizations and from all walks of life. It’s designed for anyone who wants to make a difference in their organization, community, or family. It will guide you to becoming a better leader through increased self-awareness and support from a community of like-minded authentic leaders. Individuals or teams from the same organization are welcome – and encouraged – to attend together.