The Missing Accountability Factor™️

Accountability can sometimes be seen as a negative, but it’s at the heart of every great organization. Be inspired and learn a new approach to accountability with this session. At the end of it, you will:

  • Gain a positive perspective on accountability and what it means to keep our agreements with each other consistently.
  • Leave with practical tools to build a sense of accountability throughout your team.
  • Understand how to transform blame, entitlement, and fear into courage, personal responsibility, and commitment through the power of agreement.
  • Discover how to make conflict constructive. You’ll learn how to close the gap between intention and success, which leads to sustainable results.
  • Inspire your employees to think like owners and foster accountability at every level of your organization.

The results of accountability

It’s important to understand that working on accountability doesn’t stem from problems in your organization, but from a commitment to constantly improving. It’s not about blame and punishment. It’s about creating mutual ownership and clarity around your agreements to each other, which benefits both you and your people:

  • They’re clear about what’s expected of them and what they expect from the people they depend on.
  • They can make clear agreements about those expectations – and honor those agreements.
  • They’ll view their workplace as a safe, caring, and supportive environment, where they’re inspired to do their best work, can be honest, and are respected.
  • These behaviors get realized consistently and repeatedly throughout the organization’s culture.
  • Unproductive behaviors (which are usually unknowing) can be discussed openly, and there’s a clear, constructive process to resolve the issues.

This session is also available as a virtual presentation.


“As a result of working with David Irvine, I’m less stressed, have a great work/life balance, enjoy my career more, and contribute more effectively and with more energy. The company is growing faster, profitability is up, and my mind is focused, as is my management team.”  – Dale Palmer C.A. CFO, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries and Kincaid Home Furnishings

“I have benefited firsthand from David’s remarkable insights into not only how to be accountable, but why. Take the first step toward refocusing your accountability – hear his message, then implement his strategies. You and those you care about will be better off for it.” – Ray Adamson, Former National Director, Practice Development, Great-West Life

“David did an extraordinary job linking culture, excellence, and leadership engagement. He gave the team food for thought in strengthening our culture and accountability. A strategy that can be applied in our personal and work lives.”  – François Laurin, Executive Vice President – Information Technology, Sobeys Inc.