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By looking within ourselves to identify our authentic values, passions, purpose and strengths, we open the door to our greatest potential for meaning, fulfillment and true success.

– David Irvine, The Leader’s Navigator

 Your Course Outline

This in-depth program focusing on leading authentically investigates the qualities of authentic leaders as well as the deeply personal core of your own leadership. In addition to examining your life experiences and identifying the essence of your authentic leadership in presentations and guided individual and group exercises designed to help you develop your authentic leadership, the program will culminate in the creation of your own personal leadership development plan.


Part I: Finding Your Pathway

  • Learn the fundamentals of leadership and authenticity, and how living authentically impacts your capacity as a leader to influence the people around you.
  • Uncover your authentic leadership story as you clarify the defining moments that inform your capacity to lead.
  • Learn how to use difficult times, traumas, and challenges to identify your gifts that will help shape your leadership passion and presence.
  • Experience freedom and openness by pulling off the masks and showing up as a whole and complete person.

Part II: Journey to Authenticity

  • Discover deep fulfillment and contentment by identifying your own definition of success and what it takes to live a life that matters.
  • Rather than yielding to what is practical and popular, go within and spend time clarifying your most deeply held values. Then design a process to live a life aligned with what is in your heart.
  • Learn how to find your center in the midst of the tyranny of the urgency – discovering your worth away from your work.
  • Be reminded of the power of character: integrity, personal responsibility, poise under pressure, and grit – in your development as an authentic leader.
  • Spend time to reflect and discover how the darker, shadow sides of your nature impact your authentic leadership.

Part III: Summits of Success

  • Clarify your ikigai – your ‘reason for being,” your purpose – and establish it as a cornerstone of your leadership approach.
  • Amplify your ability to earn trust, overcome resistance, engage others, and ensure results through a stronger leadership presence.
  • Value and model accountability and self-discipline as a trust builder.
  • Learn to lead by empowering others to lead.
  • Create a plan to help achieve your leadership potential and build a support community for your vision.

Authentic leaders conduct themselves at the highest levels of integrity and are dedicated to building durable organizations. They have a profound sense of purpose and are true to their core values. They are content with who they are. In addition, authentic leaders have the courage and credibility to build organizations and people as they recognize the meaning of their influential service to humanity. At the heart of this course lies a simple premise: Great leadership cannot be reduced to technique, position or power. Great leadership comes from the strength of one’s authentic presence – the identity and integrity of the leader.

Are you ready to take the journey?