MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER – Authentic Leadership Masterclass


A Three-Month/Six Session Online Program
Bi-Weekly Sessions from October 8-December 17, 2020
8:30-10:30 am Mountain Time

With David Irvine and Ally Stone


Organizations today need leaders who demonstrate high standards of character, compassion, and personal accountability, and who make decisions based on enduring principles rather than the tyranny of short-term urgency. The world hungers for leaders who are authentic—people whose inner compass guides their daily actions and who inspire trust in the people around them by being honest and real.In this unique, authentic, online program, you will discover what it takes to lead with authenticity and purpose—and become the kind of exceptional leader you most admire.

Key Benefits

Based on David Irvine’s ground-breaking books, The Other Everest: Navigating The Pathway To Authentic Leadership, and Caring Is Everything: Getting To The Heart Of Humanity, Leadership and Life, this program immerses you in a profoundly personal exploration. It is experiential and interactive, so you learn through doing, not just listening and talking. Focused on developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, you will emerge with practical tools, ready to lead with renewed passion, purpose and confidence, inspire others to do their best work, and bring exceptional value to your organization

In the face of the unprecedented disruption that now surrounds everyone, an opportunity lies before us to open our hearts, discover our authentic leadership, build a community with like-minded authentic leaders, and amplify our impact through a deeper presence.

This in-depth, three-month virtual program goes beyond a traditional leadership training course by getting to the heart of authentic leadership.

  1. Discover why your organization’s culture is mission critical and learn how to measure and sustain your culture’s health in times of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty.
  2. Leave with the core leadership skills required to build an engaged, high trust, accountable, high performing culture in this new reality.
  3. Inspire yourself and those around you to think like owners and foster accountability at every level of your organization.
  4. Identify your blind spots as a leader – while implementing a plan to address them.
  5. Become an empowering leader who fosters effective teamwork and helps individuals at all levels of the organization to realize their leadership potential.
  6. Through our holistic approach, create an integrated life that enables you to balance work, home, and other pursuit – thus leading with greater impact.
  7. Extend your network to include accomplished leaders from various backgrounds and industries.
  8. Be a part of a community of committed, like-minded authentic difference makers.
  9. Build relationships that will provide support and insights into your leadership challenges and career decisions.
  10. Work with accountability partners to practice between sessions and help hold each other accountable to stay on track and sustain the insights you gain from the class experience.