How Healthy Is Our Team?

Consider each of the questions in the self-test below and decide if you (5) Strongly Agree, (4) Agree, (3) Somewhat Agree, (2) Disagree, or (1) Strongly Disagree with the statements made about the level of health as a team.

1. I enjoy being on this team. I look forward to coming to team meetings.
2. I am clear about what our purpose is as a team.
3. This team interacts well with its stakeholders (people who depend on this team and upon whom the team depends).
4. I trust the people on this team – enough that it enables us to achieve our objectives.
5. I can be genuine in team meetings. I am not afraid to be honest and speak my mind.
6. I am clear about what my role is on this team and how it helps us achieve our purpose.
7. I have found a way to contribute my unique talents and strengths on this team.
8. We have clear values that we stand for as a team.
9. We hold each other accountable to live our values and expectations of each other.
10. My own personal values are aligned with our team values.
11. We can disagree with each other and still be respectful of each other. We have healthy, constructive conflict on the team.
12. I am happy with the leadership of the team.
13. There is a high degree of clarity about our role and priorities as a team.
14. The members of this team are accountable. I can count on them.
15. The team is providing the right leadership and adding value to the organization.
16. We have a good succession plan as a team – to ensure that the right team members are in the pipeline.
17. We have a good process for how we work together and manage expectations of each other.
18. This team is a good fit for me. What I do best is what I do here.
19. This team has a good balance between working hard and enjoying the people we work with.
20. I can speak openly about concerns when they arise.