How Accountable Are You?

Consider each of the questions in the self-test below and decide if you Strongly Agree, Agree, Somewhat Agree, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree with the statements made about the level of accountability in your life.

1. When I make commitments, promises, or agreements, I keep them.
2. I don’t avoid making commitments. I know this is how I grow and earn trust.
3. I think carefully before I make a promise, to ensure that I can honor that promise.
4. Commitments don’t make me anxious or uncomfortable; in fact I welcome the opportunity to make promises.
5. I honor the promises I make to myself.
6. If I have to change a deadline or agreement, I have a good recovery plan that solidifies trust from others.
7. Others trust me to honor my promises and keep my agreements.
8. I feel good about myself; I have a high regard for myself.
9. I keep promises because I know it is right not just because it is expected that I do.
10. I don’t commit to something just because I want people to like me more; I agree to something because I enjoy doing so.
11. I don’t make excuses when I make a mistake; I take responsibility without blaming others.
12. I am clear about the deadlines that come with the agreements (e.g. “I’ll get this back to you by next Friday. Does that work for you?”)
13. I don’t feel stressed by the people I work and live with.
14. People see me as a stable person who is trustworthy.
15. I have no problem saying no when I know I am unable or unwilling to keep a promise.
16. I enjoy being around people and manage my expectations of others well.
17. I don’t make vague promises (e.g. “Let’s get together sometime soon.”)
18. People I regularly interact with would call me a person who can be counted on.
19. I don’t gossip about others; I am loyal in people’s absence.
20. I don’t make excuses or blame others when I make mistakes.