Embracing Change

The Power Of Possibility

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”  – Eric Hoffer, philosopher

To survive – and thrive – you have to adapt and embrace change. When you have made a decision to be a leader, you become an agent of change. But where is your road map? Where are your tools? There are eight stages of change. The first is chaos; the eighth is possibility. Once you lead yourself and others to embrace possibility, transforming chaos into confidence, resistance into wisdom, and fear into possibility, you have done your job. Once you’ve mastered the art of embracing change, you will not only build a strong, vital organization, you will build a strong, vital life.

Leave this session with a new view of embracing and leading change from one of Canada’s most respected voices on leadership and organizational culture. You will leave this inspiring session with renewed clarity, confidence, and compassion to lead those you serve through the stages of change.

  1. Make change inspiring, productive, and creative – through the power of possibility.
  2. Turn fear and resistance into confidence and commitment – through the power of connection.
  3. Recognize and lead people through the stages of change in a way that supports both people and change.


“David made an immediate impression with all our district leaders and it was evident that he had spent time researching and doing his homework on our organization. Never have we had such positive feedback about a keynote speaker; David’s message was current and was what the team needed. Right place, right time = great results.”  – Richard Svoboda, Superintendent, Human Resources, Calgary Catholic School District

 “David is a skilled presenter who holds an audience throughout his presentation. His topics are current, well thought out, and very enlightening for the people he is presenting to. You will find that his desire to give the best, most relevant information to his audience will shine through as he prepares and as he speaks. David is a true professional who will bring tremendous value to your company, organization, and your event.”  – S/Sgt William G Laidlaw; Training Branch Manager; ‘K’ Division RCMP

“… Many of us have been able to witness David first-hand in helping organizations navigate through turbulent and difficult transitions and change. His calming yet direct approach, complemented by his practical wisdom, helps management and staff recognize that change, growth and transformation begins with “them”; that it begins “within”. Notwithstanding all the above, what has impressed me the most in the twenty years that I have known David, is his ability to think from his heart with openness, authenticity and consistency, and to conduct his work and live his life in alignment with his values. His caring nature, his willingness to be of service to others and his humility are genuine and deep-rooted. Our society greatly needs gifted transformation leaders like David Irvine if we are to move towards creating a society and organizations that foster Cultures of Compassion and Peace.” – Gerry Labossiere, Chair, AIS Inc.