The course consists of six two-hour live-streamed sessions (on Zoom), held every two weeks, beginning October 8 and ending December 17, 2020. Sessions are scheduled Thursdays, 8:30-10:30 AM Mountain time.

Note: If you would like to register for this course but find the time not available or workable for you, please let us know. We may be able to accommodate your requests for an alternative time.

Session I. Leadership and Culture Overview

Operational excellence is built on the foundation of a strong, healthy organizational culture. It’s the greatest advantage any organization can achieve. Tending to your culture is about intentional actions, daily disciplines, and defined habits. Clarifying your cultural attributes is the crucial first step. Then identified behaviors need to be put into practice every single day. Without a clearly defined process for accountability and action, cultural attributes become rhetoric and can breed skepticism and disengagement.

  1. Course overview: What can you expect?
  2. What is culture and why does your organization’s health trump everything else in business?
  3. What’s the difference between a boss and a leader? Leadership is about presence, not position.
  4. Why is leadership vital to fostering? (You have to be more than merely a “boss”.)
  5. Mapping out your own personalized authentic leadership journey, along with being assigned an accountability partner to work with throughout the program.

Session II. Leadership Presence

To attain the capacity to influence in today’s changing and demanding world, along with the depth to lead with a strong authentic presence requires an inner journey, a journey to one’s heart, a journey to the “Other Everest.

  1. Lead an integrated life that enables you to balance work, home, and other pursuits.
  2. Earning credibility as a leader by maintaining composure: being poised under pressure.
  3. Staying centered and grounded in the midst of continual disruption: Taking care of your own well-being so you can be there for others.
  4. Recognize and address your blind spots as a leader.

Session III. The Fundamentals of Trust

Trust, the most important issue facing the world today, lies at the foundation of great cultures. Particularly now, when so much fear surrounds us, trust is the new currency of our world. Trust is defined as a belief in and a reliance upon someone or something. There is an accountability component to trust as well as a relational component. This module focuses on the relationship side of trust.

  1. Learn how to connect authentically with people in a way that ensures trust.
  2. Learn how to make deposits in the trust account with all your stakeholders.
  3. Learn the five languages of appreciation and how to engage people through the power of encouragement.
  4. Learn to open the tough conversations, listen effectively, and work toward solutions — without hurting others or carrying a grudge.

Session IV. Accountability: Making it Inspiring, Practical, and Meaningful

It’s important to understand that working on accountability doesn’t stem from problems in your organization, but from a commitment to be constantly improving. Accountability can sometimes be seen as negative, but it’s at the heart of every great organization. It’s not about blame and punishment. It’s about creating mutual ownership and clarity around your agreements to each other, which benefits both you and your people.

In this session, you will be inspired with a renewed approach to accountability:

  1. What is accountability – and why is it fundamental to everything we do in life?
  2. Gain a positive perspective on accountability and what it means to consistently keep agreements with each other.
  3. Inspire yourself and those around you to think like owners and foster accountability at every level of your organization.
  4. Understand how to transform blame, entitlement, and fear into courage, personal responsibility, and commitment through the power of agreement.
  5. Learn a practical process for managing expectations and get a grip on results with the people you count on.

Session V. Embracing Change and Disruption

Building resilience, capacity, and accountability amid constant disruption while keeping people engaged is now a fundamental requirement for leadership. But where’s your road map? What are your strategies? Where are your tools?

To thrive, you must use change productively. In this session you will learn practical insights and tools to support yourself and others through continuous change. Learn to embrace and lead change with greater clarity and resilience.

  1. Develop the necessary self-awareness to use change productively.
  2. Create a roadmap for change that builds clarity, confidence, and compassion, enabling you to lead those you serve through the stages of change.
  3. Learn how to use chaos and uncertainty to connect with and inspire your staff, build trust with your team, and keep your employees engaged as you emerge into a new reality together.
  4. Understand how to make change inspiring, productive, and creative.

Session VI. Engaging Talent: The Power Of Purpose

Nearly 75 percent of employees around the world feel disengaged at work every day. Demand is exceeding our capacity. The ethic of “more, bigger, faster” exacts a series of silent but damaging costs at work, undermining our energy, focus, creativity, and passion. This pandemic has been instructive to us all: the way we’re working isn’t working. In this final session we offer an approach to engagement that will transform the way we work and live. We’ll reenergize our lives so we’re both more fulfilled and more productive – on the job and off.

  1. Discover the power of purpose in your work as a leader.
  2. Connect with a deep and sustaining reason for being.
  3. Inspire those you serve to awaken to their purpose.

Empower your team with renewed energy by inspiring and guiding them to their authentic self.