Authentic Leadership Masterclass

A Three-Month/Six Session Online Program
Bi-Weekly Sessions from January 14-March 25, 2021
8:30-10:30 am Mountain Time

With David Irvine and Ally Stone

Price: $1499.99


Organizations today need leaders who demonstrate high standards of character, compassion, and personal accountability, and who make decisions based on enduring principles rather than the tyranny of short-term urgency. The world hungers for leaders who are authentic—people whose inner compass guides their daily actions and who inspire trust in the people around them by being honest and real.

In this unique, authentic, online program, you will discover what it takes to lead with authenticity and purpose—and become the kind of exceptional leader you most admire.

$999/person in a team of five or more. Contact Us for more information.

Investment includes online workbook, 360 feedback, working with an accountability partner and community of like-minded leaders, and a pre-coaching session to assess your leadership gaps and help you develop a customized program, ongoing support as needed from the facilitators and as required throughout the course.