Coaching is much different from audience engagement events.

I truly enjoy coaching and as I spend a great deal of time hiking in the mountains, I actually prefer the word guide to coach. A guide confidently takes people into unfamiliar territory. As the Leader’s Navigator™, I guide people to their own truth, accessing their own wisdom.

Many who have experienced my presentations or leadership programs, or found my books helpful and want further learning, or just want to connect with me have found it valuable to work with me as a guide.

A sample of real life challenges where I have been able to offer my clients some support and assistance include:

  • “How can I better lead my team through change?”
  • “How can I build an engaged culture after half of my organization has been laid off?”
  • “How can I improve the relationships in my life (e.g. with staff, colleagues, spouse, children, etc.)”
  • “How can I be more authentic?”
    “How can I more effectively hold people accountable?”
  • “How can I get clear about my priorities and better manage stress?”
  • “How can I better deal with issues such as Post Traumatic Stress, loss, and depression (in myself or a person I care about)?”
  • “I need an accountability partner.”

We all have times in our life when we’re paddling in calm water and suddenly are sucked into the rapids. It can be challenging, frightening, and dangerous. You will get through it but it helps to have me as the guide in the canoe paddling with you. After the white water passes I get out and you go on your way.

If having a guide to help you navigate life’s challenges interests you, send me an email on my contact page to schedule a time to chat. In a half-hour complimentary assessment interview we can figure out how to best respond to your needs. Just indicate that you would like to explore the possibilities of coaching.

My coaching format is flexible. Most prefer phone coaching but we can also arrange face-to-face meetings or a combination of both.