Building Bridges of Trust

The Power Of Interpersonal Excellence

Building and restoring trust is mission-critical in organizations today. At the core of effective and productive organizations and teams lies an abundance of mutual trust and respect based upon authentic and accountable connections. Regardless of what you do in your organization and your life, to be successful you must be able to connect with people in a way that builds trust.

With a background in family therapy, David Irvine offers an in-depth approach to interpersonal relationships that you won’t find in mainstream leadership training programs. Leave this engaging, and practical session with the interpersonal skills necessary to build bridges of trust with those who depend on you, and those upon whom you depend.

  1. Understand how the actions of every employee either builds or destroys the culture where you work.
  2. Inspire deep trust in your organization through the power of interpersonal excellence.
  3. Embrace conflict in a way that builds trust, respect, and focus.


“David’s attention to detail ensures that he can facilitate a positive and realistic outcome when working with people – it has been the key to his credibility.”  – Sanford Riley, Former President and CEO, Investors Group

“David’s presentation challenged everyone to look at things differently and focus on our values. His presentation stimulated a lot of thinking among our staff of how we can do things differently to achieve a better balance.”  – Peter Kruselnicki, Former Deputy Provincial Treasurer, Province of Alberta