Additional topics also well-liked by David’s clients:


Too often we discover at the end of a day that if we aren’t careful, our lives are reduced to looking down at our devices and accomplishing whatever’s on our to-do lists. In the process, we lose our connection with the deeper human need to be present to what surrounds us. Caring connects us with each other, making us the best of who we are and what we can be. Caring is a decision to engage with the world around us.

Caring enriches all facets of our lives. It makes workplaces worth working in, schools worth learning in, our relationships worth being in, and the world worth living in. Caring is everything.

This session, applicable to leaders at any level and in all walks of life, gets to the heart of creating a workplace and a life that matters. Based on David’s book, Caring Is Everything, you will leave with an inspiring and thought-provoking message about the vital role that caring serves in every aspect of our lives.

  1. Learn how caring impacts everything you do: it fosters trust, engages employees, builds loyalty, creates meaning in our lives, and leads to business success.
  2. Understand the true meaning of service leadership and how to build a more fully human organization.
  3. Leave with practical strategies to amplify your impact on everyone you serve – through a stronger authentic and caring presence.
  4. Remember that self-care is an ethical responsibility. In order to take good care of others you must take good care of yourself.


“Your session wowed our conference attendees, who rated it an incredible 4.96 out of 5… What a privilege for us to have you on our stage!  Thank you for your amazing contribution to our success. You truly made a difference!”  – Pat Goodberry, HealthCare Service Excellence Conference Chair

“Love, love, love this session! He is so compassionate and raw! Tears in my eyes during his closing words.”  – Heather Goslee, Chippewa County Montevideo Hospital

“I was so touched by your talk. I’ve walked through the valley of losing my mom this year. I was running away from caring. Thanks for getting me back on track.”  – Arlene Harms, Rio Grande Hospital

“David is an articulate and engaging presenter. His delivery style, coupled with relevant and intelligent content, makes him a great choice for conference and development programs. He has a wonderful ability to make his comments relevant to the issues and challenges which confront leaders in their daily lives.” – Geoffrey Crampton, Vice President, People & Organization Development, Fraser Health Authority


Secrets to Navigate the Journey to Authentic Leadership (Presentation or Workshop adapted from David’s 3 Day Retreat)

In today’s fast-paced, rapidly evolving business and professional environment, a high value is placed on looking outward and upward, continuously striving for the next summit, the next Everest. As successful people, we tend to look upward to the achievements we hope to realize.

But success isn’t just about height. It’s also about depth.

The journey down…the journey within…the journey to The Other Everest… is equally valid.

True – authentic – leadership is fueled by a voyage that takes us inward toward the hardest realities of our lives. The best leadership comes from people who have penetrated their inner darkness, men and women who can lead the rest of us to a place of authenticity away from what the world sees, who have been there and know the way, and in so doing, know the why.

  1. Connect into your vision, purpose and your deepest core values to unlock your true leadership potential and amplify your impact and influence in all areas of your life.
  2. Create a space to reflect, think strategically, and get a new perspective on ways to influence others – while bringing renewed value to those you lead.
  3. Take the time to reset your internal compass – Discover the path to an undivided life – a life with greater balance, inner peace, and well-being in the midst of relentless demands.


David’s work has always resonated with me, particularly his insights into authentic leadership. Leadership starts with knowing deeply who we are; our beliefs, strengths, and talents, as well as our weaknesses and shortcomings.  It’s only through deep self-awareness that we can begin the journey to true leadership, and be the kind of leader that people are willing to follow.  David has impacted my life through his work and through his friendship.” – Tim O’Connor, CEO, Results Canada

I really have no words to completely describe my experience. […I cannot] fully describe the life-changing event that [David] set the stage for and made happen. Truly, truly amazing. I look forward to continuing to grow with all that I absorbed and to nourishing all the new relationships. – Launa Aspeslet, CEO, TRIO (Translational Research in Oncology)

What a workshop! Thank you for allowing me to find my authentic self. It was a profound, life altering experience for me. To be immersed in a space of complete trust, kindness and support, was awe inspiring.  – Stu Keen, Deckham Enterprises

I had the pleasure of attending “The Other Everest” retreat facilitated by David. This was the best decision I have made in a while.  I found it changed the way I view life situations and my reactions to them.  Everyone owes it to themselves to invest their time, energy and money for this worthwhile retreat.  Remember to take the time to be in the moment………  – Dana Overton, RCMP Victim Services, “K” Division


Keeping The Survivors Engaged Amidst The Layoffs

The challenging economy in the resource sector during the past few of years has placed leaders in a whirlwind of change. Downsizing, reorganizing, and redesigning the organizations where we work is now the norm. Surviving the change has become today’s “business as usual”. Whether you are laying people off, frenetically repositioning yourself in the marketplace or growing your business, managing change is the new reality. In the midst of all the chaos, it’s time to think of the future in new ways.

Take an opportunity to step away from the fray, be inspired, and get a renewed perspective from one of Canada’s most respected voices on leadership and organizational culture. David Irvine’s thought-provoking session will provide practical tools and processes for keeping your talent engaged in an uncertain economic environment.

  1. Leave with practical insights and strategies for building an engaged culture when you are in the midst of laying people off.
  2. Understand how everyone is impacted differently by the change and how to respond effectively to the diverse array of reactions.
  3. Re-build bridges of trust. Restoring trust after a layoff is mission-critical in organizations today. Effective and productive organizations and teams need mutual trust and respect based upon authentic and accountable connections. Discover ways to restore trust in the demanding environment of continual change.


“I hired David to inspire and to motivate. Based on the post-presentation comments received from my staff, he not only met but exceeded my expectations.” – Larry Wilson, Regional Director, Canadian Coast Guard, Maritimes Region

 “I have been receiving overwhelmingly positive and rave reviews regarding the workshop and the materials David presented… More importantly for staff was the personal message [David] shared and his open, narrative style of presentation. David helps illuminate the difference between capriciously floating along and intentionally navigating a more satisfying course through life.” – Vincent Deberry, Centre for Public Management, University of Oklahoma


The Foundation Of Leadership

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” – Stephen Covey

Trust is the keystone of success – both in leadership and in life. It’s the new global currency. It crosses cultures and generations. Trust lies at the foundation of every relationship and is perhaps the most important issue facing the world today. Building and restoring trust is your number one leadership challenge, and your number one accountability as a leader.

Take this opportunity to gain a new perspective on trust in today’s world from one of Canada’s most respected voices on leadership and organizational culture. But rather than gaining simply greater knowledge and an intellectual understanding of trust, you will leave with an experience of shifting the fundamental way you build trust in your relationships. You will leave with a new view of who you are as a leader and a fresh vision of what your organization can become – through your capacity to build trust.

Leaders will benefit from this workshop by being able to:

  • Recognize, describe, and demonstrate positive authentic trust building behaviours.
  • Demonstrate essential skills for trust building with employees who exhibit trust blocking behaviours.
  • Develop and demonstrate a personal process to build trust with individuals who exhibit blocking behaviours.
  • Achieve greater authenticity in all relationships.
  • Develop the capacity to build and maintain trust with groups.

Organizations will benefit by having leaders:

  • Assist employees to develop accountability.
  • Develop organizational “simplicity” by “maximizing the amount of work not done” for greater efficiency.
  • Assist in developing capacities and skills in managing conflict amongst teams.
  • Develop skills to manage meetings where conflict arises, thus decreasing wasted time and efforts.


Working With The Ones You Love

To be sustainable family businesses must be built on the foundation of a strong family.
In this session, learn the fundamentals of family dynamics. You will leave with skills for opening communication within and between generations that will lead to respect, high trust, and clear goals that support both the family and the individual – so the family can run the firm instead of the firm running the family.

Potential topics for a family business audience:

  • Building Bridges of Trust – Trust is both a belief in and reliance upon something or someone. It’s about connect-ability and reli-ability. This session offers a practical and proven Accountability Agreement Process™ that ensures highly trusting, accountable relationships within the context of a family business.
  • Accountability In An Age Of Entitlement – Without accountability there will be no success – in a family or in a business. How do you ensure that the coming generation has the necessary mind-set to take the business to the next level and make it in the world?
  • Succeeding At Succession – In this session you will learn why most family businesses fail to make it past one generation by understanding the three fundamental tasks that are essential for succession success – and a clear path to achieve these tasks.
  • Conflict Resolution – Conflict is part of any family and any business. This session focuses specifically on the dynamics of an intergenerational family business and ways to effectively handle conflicts that arise.
  • Building An Engaged Business Culture – Authenticity is the ability to align your passion and talents with the needs of the business and is what keeps everyone in a business family engaged, focused, and loyal. This session will provide a practical, meaningful road map to ensure that everyone in your family is finding their voice, and thus sustaining their commitment to themselves, to the family, and to the business.


Coaching And Development Skills

Building a customer service mind-set within your organization starts with a service mind-set toward your employees. This inspiring, engaging leadership development session teaches the fundamentals of service leadership.

A service leader is committed to identifying and meeting the legitimate needs of their people and removing barriers so they can serve the customer. To lead, you must serve. The primary difference between a service leader and a traditional hierarchal manager is that a service leader is committed to helping people reach their highest potential. Service leadership is not a technique. It’s a philosophy for both leading and living.

As a service leader, the aspiration to lead is preceded by a commitment to serve. It’s about choosing service over self-interest.

  • What does it mean to be a service leader?
  • How do you coach and help your employees grow?
  • What is the mind-set necessary for a leader in order to create a service mentality in your organization?
  • What is the difference between being a servant and being a “slave” to your staff?


Boards serve a vital role that goes beyond simply “getting through the agenda.” As leaders, you have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to inspire and engage people, create a shared vision, foster trust, and build an aligned organization.

The leadership necessary to build a great organization does not come about by accident. It takes intentional action, focused discipline, and life-long learning.

David Irvine offers a renewed view of the fundamentals of leadership, culture, and board governance. Gain, in this session, a revitalized perspective on your leadership responsibility, and strengthen your competence in the practice of leadership as a board.

In this inspiring and interactive session, you will learn practical insights and strategies for building a strong board that serves and fosters your full potential as an organization.

  • Learn the fundamentals of board governance, and your key roles and responsibilities as leaders to achieve an aligned, high trust, collaborative, and focused board.
  • Develop your mission, vision, and values to ensure that these are current and relevant to your present organization.
  • Learn the fundamentals of building a cohesive, high-trust leadership team as a board. A healthy culture starts with a healthy board.


Parenting in today’s fast-paced, self-indulgent culture of entitlement is not easy. Never has there been a more important time to instill accountability in young people and help them grow into adults capable of facing life with self-reliance.

With over thirty years of experience as a family therapist, youth leader, parent, and mentor to executives, David Irvine understands the importance of raising responsible, resourceful and resilient children who treat themselves and others with dignity and respect.

David’s unique perspective and dynamic, down-to-earth approach will challenge, inspire, and guide parents to:

  • Balance supports and demands…to nurture accountability in young people.
  • Instill an accountable mind-set in youth – a commitment to full citizenship rather than consumerism.
  • Lead young people with a new understanding of rights, responsibilities and contribution.
  • Work together with teachers to cultivate accountability with youth.

Be prepared for a new awareness of yourself as a parent. You will be supported, stimulated and energized as David inspires you in your challenging and important role as a parent in today’s changing world.

This presentation can be a valuable add-on to any corporate event where spouses can be invited for an engaging and inspiring evening presentation.