Getting A Grip On Sustainable Results

Get to the deep meaning and application of accountability – so it isn’t just a hammer to blame or punish people, or just another organizational buzzword.

  1. Leave this session with a renewed and positive perspective on accountability, tools to build an ownership attitude in your organization, and a practical process for holding people accountable.
  2. Build a proven and practical approach to accountability that will build trust, respect, and integrity while banishing blame and fear, transforming entitlement into ownership.
  3. Close the gap between intention and success and get a grip on sustainable results.
  4. Leave with a simple and practical process that will inspire your high performers, deal effectively and respectfully with your “non-performers,” and renew your organization.
  5. Leave with a new outlook on the responsibility and opportunity of every employee to build an engaged, energized, and renewed culture.


 “If I could score David Irvine a 11 out of a scale of 10, I would. I think David Irvine is a truly remarkable speaker and person. His material is relevant and the delivery is just at the right pace. David’s adaptability as a speaker is what took this conference to a whole new level…  It was truly my honour to have met and selected David Irvine and to be able to learn so much from him.“  – Matthew Ng, P.Eng., MBA, FEC, PMP, Manager, Chapters, Professional Engineers Ontario

 “As a result of working with David Irvine, I am less stressed, have a great work/life balance, enjoy my career more and contribute to the organization more effectively and with more energy. The company is growing faster, profitability is up, and my mind is focused, as is my management team.”  – Dale Palmer C.A. CFO, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries and Kincaid Home Furnishings