• MOVING FORWARD - TOGETHER: The Power of Authenticity

    In the face of the unprecedented disruption that now surrounds everyone, an opportunity lies before us to open our hearts, discover our authentic leadership, and amplify our impact through a deeper presence.

    In David’s thought-provoking, inspiring virtual sessions and coaching, you will get practical insights and strategies to use in this time of chaos to strengthen your leadership and improve the health of your culture.

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The world needs leaders who are committed to substance over the superficial, character over charisma, and service over self-interest. We need authentic leaders –– people whose inner compass guides their actions and who inspire trust.

I’ve spent decades guiding leaders to expand their influence in the world and build accountable, authentic, and more human organizations through:

  • Customized presentations
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Retreats
  • Bestselling books
  • Personal and organizational coaching

Some of the highly respected clients I’ve worked with include:


What my clients say

“Our team spent a full day with David being instructed, guided and challenged in the area of leadership and accountability. David’s personal approach and deep insight kept us engaged and energized for a full day and we left that room as better leaders and more importantly, better people. If your team is looking for a challenge that will make a “real” difference in your business, David is the guy to help you.”

“David Irvine is an exceptional speaker, writer, educator, and human being. His work in assisting businesses, owners, families, and employees to live a life passion, clarity and certainty is inspiring and adds tremendous value to the culture your organizations. My family has personally benefited from David’s caring, and thoughtful advice and my business has excelled as a result of his thought leadership.”

“David Irvine is an amazing speaker. Through laughter, personal experiences, and a strong knowledge background, he captured our audience’s attention – more than 350 attendees including producers, government, academics, and industry representatives – in each of his two sessions at the Manitoba Swine Seminar. The first, a customized presentation on mental health in the workplace, dealt with stress-related issues and practical ways of dealing with those challenges. The second focused on building strong teams through motivation and development of a positive work environment. The impact and value to our audience was most apparent as I watched attendees deliberately not answer their cell phones to listen to David’s presentations!”

“I had the pleasure of having David speak at our recent Information Technology Directors Summit. David did an extraordinary great job linking culture excellence and leadership engagement. He took a very smart approach in adapting the presentation to the context of the off-site goal and objectives. This allowed the leadership team to reflect and have some perspective to think forward. David’s genuine approach and passionate presentation gave the team food for thought in strengthening our culture and accountability. A motivational strategy that can be applied both in our personal and work life.”

“As the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission I was seeking a high level Strategic Thinker and Innovator to lead AGLC through a significant change management process. David worked with our senior teams and the Board of Directors to create a focused and professional way forward for the corporation. His contribution was significant and recognized as excellent by our Executive Team and Board of Directors.”

“David is a well-known inspirational and knowledgeable speaker on Cultural Change, Leadership, Authenticity and Accountability. Many of us have been able to witness David first-hand in helping organizations navigate through turbulent and difficult transitions and change. His calming yet direct approach, complemented by his practical wisdom, helps management and staff recognize that change, growth and transformation begins with “them”; that it begins “within”. Notwithstanding all the above, what has impressed me the most in the twenty years that I have known David, is his ability to think from his heart with openness, authenticity and consistency, and to conduct his work and live his life in alignment with his values. His caring nature, his willingness to be of service to others and his humility are genuine and deep-rooted. Our society greatly needs gifted transformation leaders like David Irvine if we are to move towards creating a society and organizations that foster Cultures of Compassion and Peace.”

“From our first meeting it was apparent that David was genuinely invested in working with us to understand our company, our culture, and help us define conference goals and outcomes. Always eager for more information in order to tailor his facilitation specifically to our wants and needs, David did an outstanding job of connecting our team, not only to each other, but more deeply to themselves as well. Approachable, relatable, kind, authentic and positive are all words that could describe David; he truly made a deep and lasting impact on our company and we look forward to continuing our work with him.”

“David Irvine has been working with Capital Power and me as a session presenter at our CEO Summit program which we use to develop the leadership competencies or our management team. David takes us through a day-long interactive leadership journey that engages the participants in discussions from leadership principles to being an accountable leader. David’s presentation is practical and his leadership stories are inspiring”

“Many years ago I attended my first session with David — a presentation with significant personal impact — and many similar opportunities followed. He influences the organizations I lead through my own actions as well as through his sharing at facilitated internal team events. David respects an individual’s journey without judgment, while helping others to be authentic and accountable. His presence is real; he walks the talk.”

“David’s works have meant a tremendous amount to me, both professionally and personally, as I manage my way through life as a father, husband, and leader in one of the most incredible and diverse industries imaginable. I recommend David highly to anyone who believes they are a student of life and career.”

“You can do all you want in an organization about team building and training but accountability and authenticity can only start with the individual. An individual’s values, knowing who you are, need to be in sync with the values of their organization. This is David’s strength – helping us get the internal alignment. David speaks to business, but you get the feeling that he is really speaking to society – we need more accountability and authenticity. It is easy to see his personal commitment to these two principles. His message is very simple, almost intuitive, but so valuable in today’s world where we often look to somebody else to solve our problems for us. Many of us think of accountability and think of blame, of the negative side. David helps us see that it is something to get enthusiastic about. Our work with David has helped shape our leaders and impact our culture.”

“I have been around for a lot of moons and a part of many seminars, both our own and others. We have had various contact with speakers over the years. I found your presentations at our seminar to be one of the most rewarding experiences that we have encountered because of the depth of your message. I can say with deep sincerity that when people ask me about a potential speaker, the name of one individual will stand out and that’s David Irvine. We have a good organization, David, and it’s a better organization because of what you shared… It was Max DePree who said, “Leadership Is An Art.” David, you have it.”

“Our employee team and the store owners who attended the retreat with David are still talking about his presentation and the impact it has had on their lives. David’s message continues to provide sustenance and encouragement for myself, my senior team and, most importantly, for our store owners. The ideas shared with all of us are helping us navigate the corridor we find ourselves in with persistence and optimism. David is truly a friend of the Pharmasave family.”

“As a result of working with David Irvine, I am less stressed, have a great work/life balance, enjoy my career more and contribute to the organization more effectively and with more energy. The company is growing faster, profitability is up, and my mind is focused, as is my management team.”

“Accountability is one of today’s greatest business issues. Fortunately I have been introduced to David Irvine and have benefited first hand from his remarkable insights into not only how to be accountable, but why. He and his organization embody what it means to be accountable and they have been fantastic to work with. David’s work with staff and independent advisors has been warmly received, and has supported positive change.

David believes that accountability is a philosophy for living, and he has made himself accountable to help others understand and embrace this message. Take the first step towards refocusing your own accountability – hear his message, then implement his strategies. You and those you care about will be better off for it.”

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